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Business English lernen - Unser Buch-Tipp des Monats: Passing Time in the Loo

Wonder where Shakespeare, da Vinci, Churchill, Einstein, Hemingway, Tolstoy, Dickens, Beethoven, Twain, Darwin and the rest of those famed one-name wonders sat down for inspiration, to ply their craft and compose their works? Look no further than the smallest room in the house - yes, the loo!

(That's the bathroom, to we here in the Western Hemisphere.) Granted, some of those notable sitters and thinkers might have had to make a beeline to a lonely outhouse rearward of their lodgings; others may have been forced to answer nature's call . . . well, in nature's own backyard. Still, the fact is: Everyone does it, but not many will admit to it. That is, reading, writing and theorizing while busy taking care of business.

At Scarab Book Limited bathroom reading is a subject that's as welcome, genial, open and free as all outdoors. For that matter, reading while otherwise 'detained' is absolutely encouraged. Now, in full-circle glory, you can read the masters where they first took pen to paper.
The book is a 600+-page compendium of two-page book summaries, along with sections of 'trivia to learn by,' 'quotes and anecdotes,' 'word power,' the best of business and leadership, biographies - and much more.

Passing Time in the Loo is a good read because it's designed to let you dip in and out at a whim, picking up easily-absorbed book-learning and snippets of knowledge without feeling as if you're drowning in information. Each time you pick it up, you'll come away so filled - flushed with literacy, if you will - that you'll immediately want to impress your friends and business associates with your new-found knowledge of literature, of business, of people, of the world. . . . Water cooler chitchat and cocktail parties will never be the same.

Just think how much more Shakespeare and the rest might have accomplished if such a gem had been around in their time. . . . Passing Time in the Loo: Always at your fingertips. At over 600 literacy-filled pages, it's a classical education at a fraction of the time and cost.

Order direct from Amazon:

Passing Time in the Loo
by Stevens W. Anderson
Gebundene Ausgabe – 608 Seiten – Scarab Book Limited
ISBN: 0953735710
US-Preisempfehlung*: $ 24.95
Amazon-Preis: EUR 28,10

© Paul Smith

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